AST 2152 - Tantai Lingyan Has Come

AST 2152 - Tantai Lingyan Has Come

The following days went by very calmly. Qing Shui treated patients and guided Zhang Yue on his medical skills. Without realizing it, three months passed by.

During these three months, Qing Shui's Stellar Transposition kept on improving. Right now, its weakest attack was at 20 billion Dao Force. Right now, the chances of an attack of 40 billion Dao Force appearing had increased by a lot. This made Qing Shui very happy. Most importantly, his Stellar Transposition had suddenly broken through a certain level three days ago. There was previously a need to have a cooldown of 7.5 minutes between each use, but now it was at five minutes.

The Stellar Transposition, which previously could be used twice within 15 minutes could now be used thrice in the same amount of time.

The Stellar Transposition would also be a weakness to many of its users, even if they were to have quite good defenses. One of the...

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