AST 2149 - Door of Energy, Treasure Chamber

AST 2149 - Door of Energy, Treasure Chamber

The snow covered a vast area; it seemed like a world of snow here. There were evergreen trees here but they were mostly covered by the snow, leaving a small part of them exposed.

The sun rose up gradually on the east; it was shining brightly but not scorching hot. Nonetheless, it warmed up the souls of the human who had seen it.

Everything was in absolute silence, birds flew over and dropped by on the tree branches sometimes. As they soared up high again, the snow deposits fell down.

“Qing Shui, we have reached the area shown in the map, but it is very hard to find the location of the treasures,” Beihuang Fan stopped and looked at the surroundings.

“I’m not worried about this since I looked...

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