AST 2147 - Found The Place In The Treasure Map

AST 2147 - Found The Place In The Treasure Map

Qing Shui smiled, he understood this situation clearly so he did not insist. He took about ten bottles of them and put them on the table, “I made them myself and stored several bottles over the years. Here, take some. It's my first time drinking it today, I nearly forgot about it if it wasn't for you.”

There was a large jade tub in the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal which was specialized for refinement. The Jade Emperor Bee would then drip the collected dewdrops in the big tub. After some time, Qing Shui would make some wine from the collected dewdrops. However, he rarely drank it, he only tasted a little bit from the wine when he fermented it.

It tasted quite nice when it was fresh, but it was definitely better now after leaving...

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