AST 2145 - Beihuang Fan’s Domineering Threat

AST 2145 - Beihuang Fan’s Domineering Threat

“I only have one daughter. You have a daughter too. Do you dote on her?” Beihuang Liefeng tried to appeal to Qing Shui emotionally.

“Yes, I do. Of course, I dote on her. Even if she wants the moon, I’ll bring it down for her.” Talking about his daughter, Qing Shui realized that he had not gone home for a long time.

“Yes, me too. I’m getting old. She’s outstanding but couldn’t settle down and have her own family. Do you think as her father, I can be happy? She’s still young now but as time passes, I’m afraid she’ll grow old alone. That won’t be good,” said Beihuang Fan helplessly.

Actually thinking about it, a father asking someone to court his daughter...

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