AST 2144 - Forcing Qing Shui to Go After Her

AST 2144 - Forcing Qing Shui to Go After Her

“You have no right to pity me. Who do you think you are, acting all superior?”

Qing Shui laughed. Looking at Beihuang Fan, he said, “Even the most normal person will think that you are pitiful. Do you know why people live?”

“There is no one answer to this question. There will be a hundred answers for a hundred people.” Beihuang Fan regained her composure.

“Wrong. There is only one answer. It is to guard the purest land in our hearts,” said Qing Shui gently.

“I also have a pure land in my heart and I’m guarding it,” replied Beihuang Fan.

“You do not have any pure land. You are living in pain. You are strong and you have a good family background, but you are unhappy. You can’t find your...

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