AST 2143 - She Didn’t Like Men or Women

AST 2143 - She Didn’t Like Men or Women

Beihuang Fan had arrived. It was definitely her.

Qing Shui did not notice her arrival as he was helping Zhang Yue in the Imperial Cuisine Hall. There was no one in the hall after Zhang Yue left. Most of the time, Qing Shui wouldn’t stay in the hall. In his free time, he usually would be teaching Zhang Yue in the courtyard or he would be on the second level, so he only noticed her when she had walked into the courtyard.

She was tall and wearing a white warrior attire. Qing Shui had never thought that such a simple warrior attire could actually bring out someone’s figure. Though he only caught a glimpse of her, her looks had already etched...

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