AST 2139 - That Ugly Thing Was the Primordial Pig!?

AST 2139 - That Ugly Thing Was the Primordial Pig!?

There was a mysterious light dwelling within Beihuang Liefeng’s pupils. Soon, he smiled and said, “Not bad. It seems that Yu`er may have found himself a good friend.”

A smiling expression briefly appeared on Beihuang Yu’s face. It was not always that the old man would praise someone. Furthermore, it was a young man that he was praising. Even Beihuang Yu himself had hardly received any compliments from this grandpa of his.

Beihuang Liefeng walked out, only to see Miao Yonglong with an unsightly expression. 

Seeing Miao Yonglong’s face, Beihuang Liefeng seemed even happier. He smiled and said, “Old Man Miao, let me give you the honor to announce the results of the match!”

“What else is there to announce, Beihuang Liefeng! Who would have thought that the Taiyi Immortal Palace would get itself such a useful helper.” Miao Yonglong spoke in rage.

Even though this time, the Firecloud Palace might not have suffered such a great loss, it was still a very unlucky day for them. The Divine Palace...

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