AST 2135 - Let It Go, We Are Still Brothers

AST 2135 - Let It Go, We Are Still Brothers

“Qing Shui, are you confident? If you’re not, everybody doesn’t have to risk it for me,” Nuolan hesitated before saying this after the Golden Battle God left.

“Don’t worry, just focus on getting well soon. Nobody can bully you from now on, I will make you live happily,” said Qing Shui casually.

Nuolan seemed calm on the surface, but there was a big stir in her heart. A woman liked to be pampered, the feeling made her feel in trance. This man was younger than her, but she felt smaller now.

At this moment, a figure rushed in. The man in a hurry was Beihuang Yu.

“Nuolan, Nuolan, how are you?” asked Beihuang Yu anxiously.

“I’m fine, thank you,” Nuolan smiled, but there...

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