AST 2131 - Hell Icefire Phoenix

AST 2131 - Hell Icefire Phoenix

At this moment, the fire across the huge black body of the Dark Phoenix burst abruptly and became a few times fiercer than before. Soon after, a loud and clear phoenix cry came through. It was so sharp that it pierced through the sky itself. Luckily, this happened within the realm, as if it had been in the outside world, it would definitely catch a lot of people’s attentions.

Not much had changed to the body of the Dark Phoenix. It was still dyed in black, only that now, the kind of black across its body felt grimmer. Overall, it looked great! The crown on top of its head had doubled in size, and faint pressure could be felt from it.

The Hell Icefire Phoenix!

Qing Shui was stunned the moment he saw this name. The Dark Phoenix had actually merged with two of the five elements which were supposed to subdue each other. Qing Shui could confirm it just by looking at its name. Since they had really merged, its strength would definitely be a lot more powerful than...

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