AST 2130 - Effects of the Advancing Divine Worms

AST 2130 - Effects of the Advancing Divine Worms

Although the Fragrant Buddha Wood wasn't something that precious, it wasn't something that could be found easily either. There wasn't a lot of this and it didn't have many uses, other than being a type of fragrant wood. Zhang Yue had a piece of it. If they were to go look for one now, they might not be able to find one even if they were to take ten days or even half a month.

Qing Shui now had two Advancing Divine Worms. It was a great gain. Most importantly, there was that Hundred Treasure Chest as well. Although Qing Shui had taken Zhang Yue as his disciple, he would still provide him with compensation and won't let him lose out. Qing Shui planned on keeping the Hundred Treasure Chest. After all, it had been in Zhang Yue's hands for very long and it seemed that he didn't have an affinity with it.

It was unsure if it was thanks to the Fragrant Buddha Wood, but they caught another Advancing Divine Worm three days later. They caught it in a relatively...

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