AST 2128 - Hundred Treasure Chest, Firecloud Palace

AST 2128 - Hundred Treasure Chest, Firecloud Palace

"You've given me too many surprises. What other things do you know? I feel that you seem to know everything and that there aren't anything that you can't do." Nuo Lan said.

"A formidable person will be able to kill me instantly with a single move." Qing Shui shook his head. He didn't see himself as being invincible. People might not be able to kill him with a single move since he had the Paragon Golden Armor, but there might be experts out there who could kill him within two moves, or deal an attack that was beyond what the Paragon Golden Armor could handle.

"How could there be so many experts? It's only now that I know that you won't be any weaker than Beihuang Yu even if you were to face him head-on."

"I do understand a little about the Taiyi Immortal Palace. The Taiyi Divine Sword is very terrifying. This time around, after Beihuang Yu comes out from his seclusion, he'll definitely become...

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