AST 2124 - Treasure Beast Advancing Divine Worm

AST 2124 - Treasure Beast Advancing Divine Worm

Qing Shui didn’t expect that Man Jing would have the Divine Square Cauldron. This item was the most precious to Qing Shui at the moment and it was also something which he had desired the most. If his Flying Sword Divine Weapon could be upgraded by a few levels, his abilities would rise significantly.

Although he had defeated Bei Huangyu, he knew that he had just entered that circle and his strength was at the very bottom. After all, he had some techniques and abilities which he needed time to perform. If he wasn't given the chance to do so, he could do nothing but be killed instantly.

Qing Shui placed the Divine Square Cauldrons into the Treasure Basin, planning to use them to upgrade the Flying Sword after their quality had been improved.

He was in a very good mood. The Rainflower Pavilion's Pavilion Mistress had even said that she would keep a lookout for the Divine Square Cauldrons and she would...

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