AST 2120 - Giant Monkey, Dragon Spider, Surrender

AST 2120 - Giant Monkey, Dragon Spider, Surrender

Qing Shui definitely would not kill Beihuang Yu, so he did not call out the Flying Sword nor the Dragon Slaying Beast. Yet, they could not keep fighting like this. Not all of his moves were effective, and the controlling moves consumed more energy than the other moves. Otherwise, it would be against nature to keep controlling the opponent.

The Gouging Strike, Buddha Bright Seal, Dragon-Capturing Hands, Repulsion Move, and Nine Continents Mountain could hardly control him with such high energy consumption. If Qing Shui was any other man, he would probably faint because of the consumption rate.

Qing Shui had many consumption-canceling techniques, so he liked the high energy consuming techniques and moves. If the energy requirement...

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