AST 2118 - Beihuang Yu Invited To Battle

AST 2118 - Beihuang Yu Invited To Battle

Qing Shui felt his presence redundant at once. He had no idea why the feeling came in. He admitted that he liked Nuolan, it was easy to like a beautiful woman, but it was not up to an extreme extent.

He was definitely unwilling to let this young man own Nuolan. Firstly, his instinct told him so. Secondly, he did not know Beihuang Yu well enough.

If Nuolan liked Beihuang Yu too, that was a mutual affection and he had no excuses to stop them. Even, for now, he had no rights to stop them. He was not Nuolan’s man and as Beihuang Yu said previously, he had the freedom to like Nuolan.

Surely, Nuolan had her freedom to reject him.

Listening to Beihuang Yu, there...

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