AST 2115 - Break Your Own Legs, Get Lost

AST 2115 - Break Your Own Legs, Get Lost

“I will give you a chance now. Give me all of the recipes that you own and apologize. Then, I can let you go; otherwise, I will make you vanish from the world.”

“This bastard. What a true bastard,” Nuolan was speechless.

Killing intent could be seen gushing from Qing Shui’s eyes. He was staring at this Young Master Zhen. At this level, Qing Shui could kill someone with his killing intent, but Qing Shui did not want to kill him that way.

The intense killing intent made Young Master Zhen’s legs shaky and he fell to the ground. He was as pale as a paper and his sweat was pouring like rainfall. Most importantly, a smell of ammonia came out. This Young Master Zhen was scared until he pissed in his pants.


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