AST 2112 - The formidable Divine Weapon, Divine Weapon Crystal

Chapter 2112 - The formidable Divine Weapon, Divine Weapon Crystal

Flying Sword, Divine Weapon, awakened. State: Third Grade.

Qing Shui was stunned. As he suspected, his Flying Sword was a Divine Weapon. This was great! It had gone up all the way to the third grade. Qing Shui didn’t find it weird as things were usually upgraded easily at the beginning. Considering that the effect of his Divine Square Cauldron had been boosted by two times thanks to the Treasure Basin, Qing Shui felt that it was safe to assume that to ascend through the first three grades of a Divine Weapon, it would only require one Divine Square Cauldron.

After being cleansed by the Treasure Basin, his Divine Square Cauldron alone could stand up against three others ones that haven’t been soaked inside the Treasure Basin. In just a moment, his Flying Sword ascended up to the third grade thanks to it.

Driven by excitement, Qing Shui read through the explanations for the Flying Sword Divine Weapon.

Reduce the injuries...

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