AST 2110 - Divine Square Cauldron

Chapter 2110 - Divine Square Cauldron

With the Tai Clan’s clan’s head cured of his illness, Qing Shui’s reputation as a Miraculous Physician in the Imperial Cuisine Hall was finally able to compare to the food which he sold. Words from the Tai Clan’s clan’s head had a significant influence on the people around the area. By now, everyone had learned that not only was the food he sold delicious, he also helped people maintain good health, so much that it could stabilize one’s fundamentals and raise their strength.

Since then, even more people started to demand things like wines. They didn’t mind spending money for it. However, the Imperial Cuisine Hall still stayed true to its principle. Nuo Lan responded to the customers by saying, “Do you think that we would lack such money?”

Not only so, but they had even bought two huge courtyards in an area not so far away. In return for the favor, Qing Shui helped them cure a patient and gave them the Plum Blossom Wine. In addition to that, they also managed to accumulate 30 Imperial Cuisine Hall’s points.


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