AST 2098 - Star Light Fragments, Refining the Flying Swords

AST 2098 - Star Light Fragments, Refining the Flying Swords

On the following days, the number of people who came to the Imperial Cuisine Hall to accept their treatments increased. It was not known whether or not it was thanks to the old man from before for advertising it so well. Moreover, the people who came would basically have their illnesses cured almost immediately. Thus, from here, the Imperial Cuisine Hall started to slowly build up its own reputation.

Qing Shui had never been worried that no one would visit the Imperial Cuisine Hall. The only problems now were its recent opening and the fact that he was running the place all alone. Without any helpers, no one would bother coming to the clinic. Why so? From others’ perspectives, the more crowded a clinic was, the more patients would go there and get their illnesses treated. And having more patients would directly reflect to the doctor’s medical skills. 

When he had been living...

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