AST 2097 - A Full-on massacre, Poisonous Dragon Drill

Chapter 2097 - A Full-on massacre, Poisonous Dragon Drill

The gigantic man remembered what Qing Shui had said previously, “I will make sure that you guys never go back out again as soon as you step into my territory.” What he said was like a curse. For a moment, it caused the gigantic man to be at a loss. He didn’t know what he should do.

Initially, he thought that it wouldn’t take them much effort to eliminate Cong Yunlong and his wife. It was until this young man showed up out of nowhere that everything started to get complicated. If the Golden Yakshas were to retreat now, they would lose all the respects from the people who regarded them highly.

Despite feeling a bit nervous, the gigantic man wasn’t a person to be intimidated so easily. He looked around, “Get ready and charge in all at once! I don’t believe that they can withstand an all-out assault from us! When you have the chance to kill them, do not hesitate to do so!”


Qing Shui had already predicted...

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