AST 2095 - Golden Yaksha Tribe, Qi Barrier

Chapter 2095 - Golden Yaksha Tribe, Qi Barrier

There were many kinds of Formations. And the current Formation which Qing Shui was using was the Trap Bewitching Formation. It was capable of stopping enemies from intruding the area. Even if they successfully broke through it, they would end up being confused and misdirected by the formation. This Formation consisted of both the Bewitching Formation as well as the Illusion Formation. It was full of mysteries and very dangerous.

However, there were also downsides for this kind of formations. First, they tended to be straightforward and also required a special kind of terrain. Second, a fair amount of materials was also needed to set it up. In this case, the formation consumed the materials as the fuel to keep it running. If the opponent was too strong and the energy used to supply the formation wasn’t concentrated enough, it would collapse after a while.

Most of the materials, which were essential to display the unique power of the formations, were highly valuable....

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