AST 2092 - Life’s Guests? Qing Shui’s Strength

AST 2092 - Life’s Guests? Qing Shui’s Strength

Qing Shui was feeling flustered, not daring to do anything. This woman was a true beauty. She was mature, sexy, and elegant, but Qing Shui didn’t feel a strong attraction, and had never thought of her in a special way.

Being forcefully kissed like this by a woman, especially one like Yu Xixuan, was a sign of her courage and willingness to take that step.

She quickly let go of him while he was still contemplating whether or not to reciprocate. She then teased: “I’ve molested you. Why don’t you shout?”

Her beautiful smile carried a hint of indescribable melancholy and disappointment, seemingly a front to cover up her sadness. She didn’t...

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