AST 2088 - The Powerful Dark Phoenix

Chapter 2088 - The Powerful Dark Phoenix

Although there were only a few differences in the Dark Phoenix’s outward appearance, its strength had undergone a heaven-shattering evolution. It had gained insights into the Ice Crystal Phoenix’s abilities, and its own abilities had been greatly improved.

Hellfire Phoenix, Bloodline purity: 70%!

Qing Shui was slightly moved, as the Hellfire Phoenix’s bloodline was already pure, and now it actually jumped to 70 percent. He wasn’t sure what the distinction meant, but it was definitely a great improvement from the previous purity grade.

The Hellfire Phoenix’s strength had already reached 5 billion Daos.

Qing Shui immediately inspected the changes in the abilities.

Dark Phoenix of the Nine Heavens, passive ability, zero consumption:...

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