AST 2087 - Dark Phoenix Nirvana, Leaps in Strength

AST 2087 - Dark Phoenix Nirvana, Leaps in Strength

Upon arriving in the Nine Continents, Qing Shui finally felt that he was a true cultivator. In the eyes of a cultivator, the most important belief was fate. Fate was an ethereal and unexplainable force, but he also believed in karma and the cyclical nature of retribution. It wasn’t quite blind faith, but something he could explain empirically with science.

Some things Qing Shui did were not for payment. This was the case with Big Tiger. Sure, the “cause” was the Treasure Basin that Big Tiger had given to him, but his “effect” on Big Tiger was also enormous. He nursed Big Tiger’s mother back to health, something that was comparable to a great gift such as the Treasure Basin, enough to gain Big Tiger’s everlasting gratitude.

However, Qing Shui would not act so slyly. In this expansive world, the number of people you met would be a mere drop in the bucket of all the people in the world. As such, Qing Shui would try his best to treat...

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