AST 2086 - Qing Shui, I Can’t Lose It

Chapter 2086 - Qing Shui, I Can’t Lose It

He raised his arm to circulate the Nine Yang Force. With the Nine Yang Force, the strong Origin Qi erased the remaining droplet of Demon King blood. Qing Shui then said, “Okay. No one should find it now.” 

“We’ve agreed that I’ll give it to you after I’ve used it for a period of time,” Sheng Huang said as she stowed away the Frigid Jade Stone Bed.

“Mm, sure. Actually, there will be something better in the future. At that time, it’s also fine if you’re willing to give it to me. You don’t have to be like this. Do we have to act this distant?” Qing Shui looked at Shen Huang in confusion. 

Shen Huang’s expression was a little unnatural. Looking at Qing Shui, she wasn’t sure what to say neither. She was a reserved woman and taking the initiative to kiss Qing Shui previously had been because...

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