AST 2085 - When Shen Huang Strikes, Complete Annihilation

Chapter 2085 - When Shen Huang Strikes, Complete Annihilation

Qing Shui ended the Shadow Demon in one blow. Against such an opponent, one had to be merciless. A single fight would consign them to damnation, leaving Qing Shui no choice but to never allow them to survive.

Even though the Shadow Demon’s cultivation was not entirely destroyed, his cultivation had been severely set back. Furthermore, it would be impossible to recover to its original state as well as leaving hidden wounds. He would have no future as a warrior and most likely meet a tragic end.

In just a while, two opponents were defeated which made Tu Fu and that young man astonished. At this moment, they saw Qing Shui as a formidable foe as he couldn’t have gotten lucky twice. They began their retreat.

The young man suddenly...

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