AST 2083 - Area Dominance, Continental Frost Sword

AST 2083 - Area Dominance, Continental Frost Sword

The frigid Qi flew along the Golden Battle Halberd as it rushed back to Qing Shui, assaulting him relentlessly. He broke into a cold sweat before a fiery energy within him neutralized it.

Tong Yuan wasn’t much better off. When two diametrically opposed energies clashed, nobody got off easy. Qing Shui’s Primordial Flames were also exceptionally tyrannical, overcoming the natural phenomenon of Water countering Fire. Otherwise, a normal flame wouldn’t affect Tong Yuan.

Tong Yuan’s eyes lit up as he noticed that Qing Shui was perfectly fine, then his sword struck out again.

Whirlwind Sword Shadow!

Tong Yuan’s sword was akin to a black hole, tearing through the atmosphere as...

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