AST 2078 - Ice Crystal Phoenix's Nirvana Pill

Chapter 2078 - Ice Crystal Phoenix's Nirvana Pill

Qing Shui remembered the Darknight Demon King Tu Lang from before. The word ‘Tu Lang’ should be a name. Similarly, in the term ‘Giant Demon King Biao Yong’, ‘Biao Yong’ was also a name. These showed that more than one demon lord existed. In fact, there could be even more Darknights and Giant Demon Kings in the outside world.

Too absorbed on observing the portraits, He didn’t notice that Shen Huang had been standing quietly beside him all the time. Qing Shui shook his head to get his mind off this thing for the time being. Looking around the room, he noticed the inner hall. 

“Let’s go and take a look at the inner hall. This is only an ancestral hall of the demon lords. And it shows that at one point, there used to be multiple demon lords gathering here. As for whether or not they left behind any treasures, the chances of it happening would be quite small.” Qing Shui didn’t have high hopes on this.

“Alright, since...

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