AST 2075 - Gimme Another Kiss

Chapter 2075 - Gimme Another Kiss

“Hehe, it was my first time kissing someone else’s butt…”

“Bastard, just die!” Shen Huang annoyingly replied. With a blushing face, she glared at Qing Shui, with no idea of her own allure. Her face exuded an indescribable charisma, one that could captivate crowds.

“Just give me another kiss…”

Shen Huang did not reply and continued walking. She knew that staying on this topic would only humiliate her even further. Saying ‘This bastard’ inwardly, but she did not actually hate him. She was just slightly flustered; even feeling something that she had never felt before.

Qing Shui smiled as he caught up, “Are you angry, my lady?”

“Who the hell is your lady!” Shen Huang ignored him and just continued walking.

“But I remember you saying that you’re my lady and mine alone.” Qing Shui said,...

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