AST 2074 - A serving girl to warm the bed, Phoenix City

Chapter 2074 - A serving girl to warm the bed, Phoenix City

Azure Rainbow City had been restored and Yu Xixuan was back. She was visibly surprised by the sight of Qing Shui and Shen Huang. Qing Shui had left her a letter previously, informing that he was going to take a trip and would be gone for a month or so. For that reason, she hadn’t expected him to be back this soon.

Qing Shui didn't mention his destination at the time, neither did he tell her who he would be traveling with. Now the sight of Shen Huang left her stunned.  She had seen Shen Huang once and was shocked by her beauty. While she was a beauty herself, she felt inferior when compared with Shen Huang. She felt jealous; there wasn’t anyone who had made her feel inferior before.

"Back so soon? By the time I saw your letter, you were already gone. Did something happen?" Yu Xixuan asked...

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