AST 2073 - A Woman’s Mind, Back to the Northern Blue Domain

Chapter 2073 - A Woman’s Mind, Back to the Northern Blue Domain

Once one of them was injured, Qing Shui no longer had any desires to continue fighting. Besides, he had more or less achieved his own objective. The battle had proven to be very effective for his own hardening and the Golden Battle Halberd in his hands was able to pierce through its target.

The charm of Iaido was now translated into the use of the Golden Battle Halberd. Qing Shui used to practice the art of Iaido for decades and had never forgotten about it even after many years. Now that his realm had increased tenfold from what it used to be, the power of a single blow had naturally increased in proportion.

A stroke of a Large Golden Dragon Palm Imprint was delivered from the Golden Battle Halberd, holding the last man in its clutches.

Using the Golden Battle Halberd to summon the Dragon-capturing Hands, he was able to lock down his opponents...

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