AST 2062 - Flower Demon, The Flower of Desire, Area Dominance

Chapter 2062 - Flower Demon, The Flower of Desire, Area Dominance

The Flower Demonic Beast wasn’t really huge, but it wasn’t that small either. It was about a hundred meters in length and its entire body was fiery red like magma. Though it might be giving out a fragrant smell, the smell was actually its aroma of poison. It was psychedelic and was capable of quietly making a person feel dizzy and causing numbness in their neurons. Once a warrior’s senses were numbed, the consequences would be hard to imagine.

The Flower Demonic Beast got its name from the Flower Demon. By now, Qing Shui could already see the woman that was riding on the back of the Flower Demonic Beast. It should be safe to consider her a woman. The first impression one would get upon seeing the woman would be that she was a flower. She was dressed entirely in flowers. Furthermore, they were all real flower images.

It was a long dress made of fresh flowers. It was tender and beautiful....

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