AST 2057 - The Blazing Fire Domain

Chapter 2057 - The Blazing Fire Domain

“I am sorry. Can you please listen to me and don’t give up until the last moment?” Qing Shui regretted hitting her butt just now. He had been too careless.

He also didn’t know why he would suddenly do that. After all, their relationship had yet to develop to the point where he could do that. What he did was rude. It might have to do with the time when Shen Huang embraced Qing Shui or let him hold her hand.

“I don’t blame you. No one has ever dared to do that to me. Since my life is about to end, this might be the closest interaction that I have ever had with a man.” Shen Huang blushed. She said it very softly.

Qing Shui’s heart shook. He had even begun to think that he wanted to make Shen Huang his own woman. However, he knew that he mustn’t take advantage of other people’s misfortune. Shen Huang might not reject it if Qing Shui was to suggest something that was over the line. However, Qing Shui was unable to get himself to do that. Doing so would just make him unhappy...

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