AST 2056 - Black Ice Poison, Black Ice Divine Worm, Blaze Moth

Chapter 2056 - Black Ice Poison, Black Ice Divine Worm, Blaze Moth

The dinner this time was very sumptuous. There were about nine dishes. Four of them were vegetarians whereas the other five consisted of meats. There were also two sets of soups, the fishball soup and tortoise soup.

“Don’t you think that we may have prepared a bit more than what we can eat? Do you think that we can finish them all by ourselves?” Shen Huang was staring at the dishes on the table while asking the question.

To her, this was the only genuine time when she actually cooked. She felt great. Maybe because Qing Shui was there with her and they both cooked together, she felt that the dishes that she prepared just now were the best. From Shen Huang’s perspective, this was the most delicious food which she had ever prepared. They tasted great.

“We can finish it. A year is about to come to an end. We must make sure that we fill our stomach so that we can be prosperous and receive the things that we want in the new year.

As Qing Shui was speaking, he took out a Plum Blossom Wine....

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