AST 2046 - Why Was Shen Huang Here?

Chapter 2046 - Why Was Shen Huang Here?

"I can guarantee that your mother will definitely be able to see it. She'll also be able to see your children grow up and settle down with their jobs and families. I'm a physician. Trust me." 

Qing Shui's words had made tears flow out from Big Tiger's eyes. He didn't say any more words of appreciations. Even an honest man like himself knew that it was too hypocritical to be saying thanks.

He would remember Qing Shui's kindness and if he were to ever give up his own life for Qing Shui, he would do so without hesitation.

Qing Shui made arrangements for Big Tiger and his mother. Big Tiger's mother wasn't that old, but due to her illness, in addition to that they were poor and lived a tough life, she appeared a lot older than other people of her age.

After Qing Shui help treated her illness, she looked a lot more energized after a change of clothes. After all, she wasn't...

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