AST 2045 - Big Tiger, Treasure Basin

Chapter 2045 - Big Tiger, Treasure Basin

Unknowingly, a month had passed by. Qing Shui's Imperial Cuisine Hall and Yu Xixuan's restaurant were on track with Qing Shui occasionally giving Yu Xixuan spices and wine. Although it had only been a month, their reputation had spread out and even the cities around the Azure Rainbow City knew of the Imperial Cuisine Hall and the Jade Fragrant Restaurant.

However, due to the difference in time, the Jade Fragrant Restaurant's reputation seemed slightly greater than that of the Imperial Cuisine Hall. The Jade Fragrant Restaurant's management method was the same one it had used before, using tokens, as well as setting restrictions. The tokens were split into a few grades, and the people who had received tokens of the lowest grade could only visit the restaurant by themselves and not bring along other guests. Moreover, they could only visit once a week.

People with a slightly higher grade token could bring a guest along and visit twice...

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