AST 2044 - A Complete Loss, The Opening of The Business

Chapter 2044 - A Complete Loss, The Opening of The Business

Dragon-capturing Hands!

The attack which was bound to hit temporarily froze Liu Dongfeng. Qing Shui took the opportunity and immediately charged in with unbelievable speed. The moment he extended his hand, he launched yet another strike.

Gouging Strike!

Not only had the Gouging Strike became even faster but it was also significantly stronger than normal attacks. This was a complicated attack which was made up of countless factors. It consisted of Spirit Energy, the ability to neglect the opponent’s defenses, the ability to hit a cow through a mountain, and it even had Qing Shui’s Nine Yang Force mixed in it. 


Liu Dongfeng was struck in the chest. The attack managed to injure him and temporarily paralyzed him. Immediately, Qing Shui began to land his attacks like a violent storm. It was fast, complex and each time he unleashed his techniques, noises which resembled a rotten piece of wood being struck could be heard in the surroundings.

Liu Dongfeng was completely powerless against these violent...

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