AST 2043 - Showdown against Liu Dongsheng, Violent Wind Bloody Axe, Thirteen Slaughter

Chapter 2043 - Showdown against Liu Dongsheng, Violent Wind Bloody Axe, Thirteen Slaughter

The people of the Jade Clan were amazed by Yu Xixuan’s victory. The opponent was the clan’s head of Liu Clan, one of the most powerful warriors in the Liu Clan. Unless something unexpected happened, he should be passing down the position as the clan’s head to the youngsters. However, the thing which happened today had left him with an unforgettable memory.

The Jade Clan was very happy. However, the people who reacted calmly the most were Yu Dinghe and the old man of the Jade Clan. The old man, in particular, didn’t seem to find it shocking or unusual in the slightest. He seemed like he had expected for things to turn out this way.

Contrary to the Jade Clan, the Liu Clan was feeling anxious. They felt that there was no point in competing anymore. It didn’t matter who emerged victorious in the end. If back then, they had known that it would lead to this outcome, they wouldn’t have let the wastrel come here. Unfortunately, there was no such thing as a ‘redo button’ in this world.


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