AST 2038 - The Liu Clan isn’t Simple

AST 2038 - The Liu Clan isn’t Simple

Third Grand Master Liu trembled as he took over the longsword which he became well-known for. Deep down, he felt that his heart had been crushed. The way of thinking which he used to have throughout his entire life had been completely destroyed. If Qing Shui really had taken out the formidable support behind him, Third Grandmaster Liu would have completely surrendered himself to him. He wouldn’t really feel anything. This was how the World of the Nine Continents worked. Sometimes, if a person was still able to surrender himself, that would mean that the situation was still acceptable and had yet to develop to the point of no turning back.

Third Grandmaster Liu had also thought about a day when the Liu Clan would surrender itself. However, he never expected for such a situation to happen today. In the past, even though he had had a feeling that monster-like characters existed, he used to think that he would never get to meet them in his entire life. However, the things which happened today proved him wrong. He was very upset about it.


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