AST 2035 - Northern Blue Domain, Obtained A Manor

AST 2035 - Northern Blue Domain, Obtained A Manor

Qing Shui didn't plan on doing anything with the Yu Clan. He could tell that the Yu Clan had great limitations and in the future, Yu Xixuan would be the one to reach the greatest heights. Other than Yu Xixuan, the other person should be her father. This calm and seemingly indifferent person would gain the greatest achievements in the Yu Clan.

It was a pity that Yu Dinghe didn't have the intentions to fight for the clan head position. He was more like a wild and calm crane.

Elder Qiao looked toward Qing Shui as if he was looking at a God. He knew of his own injuries and had felt extremely dejected. He hadn't thought that he would be able to recover, but in that short period of time, he had gone down to hell and then felt as if he had risen up to heaven. To him, this was a great experience in his lifetime.

This experience...

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