AST 2034 - Astonish, Borrowing Another’s Prestige to Impress

Chapter 2034 - Astonish, Borrowing Another’s Prestige to Impress

"Haha. Is this how it is for a great clan? Why do I feel that it's worse off than an ordinary clan? What's the difference between this and selling off your own daughters? I feel ashamed for you as well. This clan head is really hopeless. To think a person like you can become a clan head. I wonder if you have any daughters? Why don't you marry your daughter over?"

Qing Shui said, feeling displeased when he saw Yu Xixuan's completely disheartened expression.

Qing Shui's words had caused Yu Dingshan's countenance to change completely and his amicable expression suddenly emitted sharp killing intent, locking onto Qing Shui, "You're courting death."

Not a single great clan would be able to tolerate what Qing Shui had said earlier. After all, it was a blatant humiliation. At this moment, an old man had already taken action, slapping out a palm imprint toward Qing Shui.


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