AST 2033 - You're being too disgraceful and hopeless as a Clan Head

Chapter 2033 -  You're being too disgraceful and hopeless as a Clan Head

Qing Shui wasn't angered. It was as if his expression didn't change at all as he looked at the person who had spoken. It was a young man who gave off strong Qi, but that was all he had. This young man was a little taller than Qing Shui and had handsome looks with bright eyes. However, the shape of his face was slightly sharp, giving off a cold feeling that would stop all living things from getting close.

Qing Shui reckoned that this should be one of the proud geniuses in the Yu Clan. He was even stronger than Yu Xixuan and had a strength at about a billion Dao force. 

There were several people of varying ages next to him. He walked up to Yu Dinghe and his wife, smiling, "Hello 6th Uncle, 6th Aunt!"

"Jianming, you've come." Yu Dinghe smiled in return and said with a calm tone.

Yu Xixuan looked at Yu Jianming...

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