AST 2026 - Song Clan’s Bottomline, Blood Demon Palace

Chapter 2026 - Song Clan’s Bottomline, Blood Demon Palace

The Song Clan was located in Langhuan City. Moreover, it was the biggest Clan in Langhuan City. In addition to that, Song Zhong was a genius in the Song Clan and looked up by a lot of people. Now that he was dead, the Song Clan was furious. If Song Zhong were killed by the demonic beasts in the spiritual land, they had nothing to rant about. Yet, he was killed by someone before he came out.

The head of the Song Clan, Song Huaide looked so overwhelmed that his gloominess was about to ooze out. He looked at the men below, “Zhong`er was murdered, and the man who killed him was the young guy of the Imperial Cuisine Hall in the Great Shang City.”

“Let’s wipe out the Imperial Cuisine Hall,” a young man said in rage.

He was Song Yi, the brother of Song...

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