AST 2025 - Triple Kill, Killed Song Zhong

AST 2025 - Triple Kill, Killed Song Zhong

“You have a toxic tongue. Believe it or not, I would strip your clothes off in front of everyone here,” Song Zhong’s eyes were extremely gruesome.

“Don’t you dare to mention that again,” At that moment, Qing Shui said calmly, his eyes glared at Song Zhong.

“Hahaha, young man. What are you pretending to be? Do you really think you are unrivaled here? I’m saying it again, I will strip this lady off, and I will do it here…”

Before he finished his words, Qing Shui dashed over.

Gouging Strike!

Qing Shui’s hands were so fast that it was blurry, he was moving forward in an attacking motion. Song Zhong’s response was quick, but he knew he could not block Qing Shui’s attack. Thus, in a flash of a cold beam, he stabbed a short sword at Qing...

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