AST 2020 - The Lake, Scary Tentacle

Chapter 2020 - The Lake, Scary Tentacle

Qing Shui was shocked to discover that Little Rin had the Four Phases Firecloud. This passive ability could greatly improve its actual battle skill. With its absolute speed, Little Rin’s battle prowess was greatly enhanced, especially its flames. Unlike Qing Shui, the others could not cancel 70% of the flame damage. This was all due to his Primordial Flames.

Little Rin would be Qing Shui’s future ride since it was mighty and moderate in size. Most importantly, it was fast and self-sustainable, as it didn’t consume Origin Qi during flight.

Three of them continued heading towards the deeper path. With the three demonic beasts, they now had a better chance of surviving. Qing Shui actually believed that it would be fine to keep advancing for...

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