AST 2014 - Formidable Beasts! The Power of Buddha Techniques

AST 2014 - Formidable Beasts! The Power of Buddha Techniques

Qing Shui stared at the cave entrance and felt the aura of a beast nearing them. This aura was very powerful and fierce. However, Qing Shui wasn’t worried. He felt that he should be able to deal with it.

But no matter what, this was still the internal part of the Spiritual land. He wouldn’t know what kind of dangers awaited him.


A heaven-shaking roar came through. A figure appeared at the entrance of the cave. Qing Shui was stunned at the moment he saw that thing; it was a demonic beast. It didn’t look that big and was only bigger than the Dragon Slaying Beast by about two times. However, it was much thicker than the Dragon Slaying Beast.

Its entire body was fiery red. Its head resembled a lion, but at the same time, it also looked a bit like a dragon’s head. There was a horn on its head. Overall, it looked a bit cute.

Its body was emitting powerful dragon aura. After glancing at it for a while, Qing Shui began to think strongly...

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