AST 2005 - Qing She, Tianhe Renmo?

Chapter 2005 - Qing She, Tianhe Renmo?

Qing Hanye now realized that her man was jealous. She couldn't help but burst out laughing and threw a charming glare at him. "He's your child."

Even if Qing Shui was acting jealous, he wasn't really so. Therefore he smiled and nodded, "I know."

"Give him a name!" Qing Hanye now felt very satisfied and said blissfully.

"Let's call him Qing She!" Qing Shui saw this little guy's physique, it was unique and Qing Shui knew that he would have a great future before him. Therefore, he hoped that this son could have a benevolent, righteous, and forgiving heart[1].

"We'll go with your decision. Little guy, you'll be called Qing She in the future." Qing Hanye said happily.

This time around, Qing Shui's return was very timely. He hadn't expected to be able to coincidentally arrived this time around.

Qing Hanye was a cultivator and...

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