AST 2004 - Qing Hanye Has A Child

Chapter 2004 - Qing Hanye Has A Child

Qing Shui had been here for half a year and as he observed, Qing Ci's improvement was the greatest. Not only had she grasped Meridians Knocking Soul Pulling, but her understanding of medicinal herbs had also become highly proficient. Qing Shui used medicinal pills and other methods to raise her cultivation by a lot, especially her Yin-Yang Finger.

Qing Shui helped her to increase the prowess of her Yin-Yang Finger a little. He had also taught Qing Ci some martial arts and some more vicious means of striking acupuncture points and meridian channels. If she hit the right spot, the enemy could either suffer from serious injuries or even lose his life.

Attacks like these required a person to have a good understanding of acupuncture points, as well as adequate mastery of technique to perform the skill. There were many acupuncture points which other people were unaware of. The acupuncture points that people knew in Qing Shui's...

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