AST 2002 - Jade Fragrant Restaurant, Information, Cooperation

Chapter 2002 - Jade Fragrant Restaurant, Information, Cooperation

When Qing Shui returned to the Imperial Cuisine Hall, it was already noon. Everyone saw Qing Shui and the others came back. In fact, many people had no idea what was going on. When the Jade Fragrant Restaurant's owner told Qing Shui about the matter, Qing Shui didn’t tell the others as he didn't want them to worry. 

Therefore, the others had no idea of what had just happened. However, they'd already found out that something big had happened in the Great Shang City—the Sacred Medicine Palace—had been wiped out.

Right now, there were only rumors outside that the Sacred Medicine Palace was wiped out, but no one said who had done it. However, Qing Shui knew that it wouldn't be long before the news would be spread out. It was because forces at the level of the Shang Clan and Lang Clan would definitely know how the Sacred...

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