AST 1999 - Leave everything to your master!

AST 1999 - Leave everything to your master!


Qing Ci called out to Qing Shui softly while grabbing Little Mo’s hand. Her eyes were filled with guilt and sorrow.

Qing Shui went towards them. He rubbed both Little Mo’s and Qing Ci’s head, while calmly said, “I am here now, what are you crying like that for? In the future, do not ever attempt to come alone again. You must tell me about every single thing that happens. Leave everything to your master.”

“Master, I am sorry. I wrote the things which you taught me for them. Yes, and it’s still here.” Qing Ci said with a guilty voice.

“Foolish brat, you are my disciple. I don’t care who you want to teach the things which I taught you to. I only want you guys to be safe. If the situation doesn’t allow it, as long as both you and Little Mo are safe, I won’t mind if you sacrifice that kind of external possessions. We aren’t short of that. Continue to follow me and learn. In the future, even if you don’t have any cultivations, other people won’t have any...

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