AST 1998 - Qing Shui’s rage

Chapter 1998 - Qing Shui’s rage

Qing Ci’s body trembled when she heard what the old man said, then she answered, “For the time being, I am only able to write out the way to cure Dantian. Zhang Miaoyun of the Zhang Clan hasn’t treated his meridians, hence, my master hasn’t taught me that yet.”

The old man looked at Qing Ci and knew that she was telling the truth. It was already unexpected to be able to force her to hand over the method of treating the Dantian. Actually, the old man never expected to get anything out of Qing Ci. It was just as Qing Ci said, she had only been following Qing Shui for days.

The old man was feeling very happy. Who would have expected that Qing Shui would teach Qing Ci something so significant within just a few days? It could be seen, just how much Qing Ci meant to Qing Shui. With that being the case, the plan he devised before would be sure to work.

By now, the old man had also found out that the physician of Imperial Cuisine Hall was Qing Shui,...

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